J. Tyler Franklin

A new proposal to overhaul Kentucky’s public pension systems has been filed in the state Senate.

Though full details of the proposal hadn’t yet been unveiled by Tuesday evening, Senate Republican leaders say it differs greatly from a version pushed by Gov. Matt Bevin last fall.

Sen. Joe Bowen, a Republican from Owensboro, said Bevin’s proposal would have cost the state more by shifting most future and some current workers into 401(k)-style retirement plans, known as “401(a)s”.


Linda Belcher was elected as the new state representative for the 49th District Tuesday in a special election in Bullitt County.

Belcher will regain the seat she lost in 2016 to Dan Johnson, a first-term lawmaker who killed himself Dec. 13.

His death followed the release of a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting story, which included an accusation of sexual assault by a teenage church member and detailed numerous exaggerations about his life story.

Belcher won with about 68 percent of the vote to Rebecca Johnson’s roughly 32 percent, according to the county clerk’s office.

The 49th District turnout was far lower than the 63 percent of Bullitt County voters that turned out in the last general election.

Sedgwick County Detention Center

The man arrested for a triple homicide in Allen County on Monday had a history of run-ins with the law. 

Edward Dilon Siddens is charged with three counts of murder, theft of an automobile, and violation of an emergency protective order. 

The bodies of his grandparents and an uncle were discovered just outside their home near Barren River Lake Monday morning. 

Seventy-three-year-old Jimmy Siddens, 72-year-old Helen Siddens, and their 41-year-old son Jimmy Siddens II had sustained gunshot wounds.

Rhonda J. Miller

It’s Monday evening, the time every week when a few residents of Ohio County, Kentucky gather at The Hub in the small town of Hartford for coding boot camp.  Coding is a precise set of instructions that tells a computer what to do.

“I have to enter something in every field, but I should be able to put something in there, so if I skip over a field it still counts as a token somehow,” said Cindy Sandefur as she goes over her progress in the computer programming language Java in a two-way video conference with instructor Patrick Toner of The Software Guild.

"So what you’ll do is you’ll ask them to enter all of the fields." said Toner. "And you know how you’re calling the setters  on the fields, whenever you get the stuff. They don’t enter any information, just don’t call the setter." 

J. Tyler Franklin

Gov. Matt Bevin has filed a lawsuit in response to a legal challenge over Kentucky’s new Medicaid work requirement.

Kentucky is the first state in the country to require people to work or volunteer in order to keep Medicaid benefits.

Three advocacy groups are suing the federal government on behalf of 15 Kentuckians who are on Medicaid, saying the approval of Bevin’s Medicaid changes violate the Social Security Act.

Daviess County Public Schools

A Daviess County High School student is facing criminal charges after a threatening message was discovered on a bathroom stall door.

The Messenger-Inquirer reports the message read, “Gonna Shoot Up School at 1:45”.

A male juvenile was later questioned by school staff and admitted to writing the message.

It was Saturday afternoon, and Abigail Spanberger was in a busy hallway at the Chesterfield County Public Library in Midlothian, Va., minutes away from training a room of about 40 campaign volunteers. She seemed ready for a quick interview, but then abruptly called out to her campaign manager.

"Hey Dana, Eileen Davis is about to come through. Can you head her off at the pass so she doesn't interrupt the — "

She cut herself off and turned to me.

"That's my mother," Spanberger said, laughing.

Her mom is volunteering for her campaign?


Mary Meehan

A liberal leaning policy institute is suggesting the state focus more on raising revenue and less on cutting social programs.  A new report shows that over the past decade the state has had 19 rounds of budget cuts. The governor’s proposed budget includes across the board cuts, as well as reduced funding to some social programs and educational resources.


The report from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy says the state could raise revenue by limiting income tax breaks, taxing online purchases and repealing some tax exemptions. Executive director Jason Bailey said lawmakers seem more willing to look at taxes as an option for raising revenue than they have been in the past.

Kentucky Attorney General Sues Opioid Distributor

Feb 19, 2018

Kentucky's attorney general has filed another lawsuit against a pharmaceutical distributor linked to a pipeline inundating the state with highly addictive opioid painkillers.

Ohio-based Cardinal Health on Monday became Attorney General Andy Beshear's latest target. Based on its market share, Beshear says Cardinal Health distributed tens of millions of doses of prescription opioids in Kentucky during a yearlong period ending Jan. 31.

Ashton Marra, WVPB

The Ohio Valley’s numbers on the opioid crisis are grim, especially so in West Virginia, which has the nation’s highest rate of overdose deaths.

But those numbers could give health workers the ability to identify people at risk of drug overdose and then reach them before they die.

That’s what researchers from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources were hoping for when they built a data profile from statistics on the 830 residents who fatally overdosed in 2016.


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