unions http://wkyufm.org en Unions, Lawyers Give Big to Super PAC Helping Kentucky Democrats Defend State House http://wkyufm.org/post/unions-lawyers-give-big-super-pac-helping-kentucky-democrats-defend-state-house <p>A Super PAC that is helping defend Democrats is Kentucky state House races has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Kentucky Family Values is helping Democrats beat back the GOP’s attempt to take control of the House. And one month before the election, the group reported raising $236,000. It still has $190,000 cash on hand. Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:57:21 +0000 20789 at http://wkyufm.org Labor Union History http://wkyufm.org/post/labor-union-history <p>As state legislatures across the nation debate the roles of public employee unions, Dan Modlin takes a look at the history of labor unions in the United State..........</p> Tue, 07 Feb 2012 19:11:33 +0000 Dan Modlin 7020 at http://wkyufm.org Labor Union History