2014 Election http://wkyufm.org en What's With This Video Of McConnell Doing Stuff? http://wkyufm.org/post/whats-video-mcconnell-doing-stuff <p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrdTX8m5G98</p><p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXSF8CptGZ4</p> Sat, 29 Mar 2014 22:59:00 +0000 NPR Staff 45841 at http://wkyufm.org What's With This Video Of McConnell Doing Stuff? Bevin Says McConnell Refuses to Debate Him http://wkyufm.org/post/bevin-says-mcconnell-refuses-debate-him <p></p><p>Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin says his opponent, incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to debate him.</p><p>Bevin’s camp announced today he has accepted KET's debate invitation&nbsp; for April 21. Bevin, a Louisville businessman and Tea Party activist,&nbsp; says the five-term senator won’t be there, however, because he doesn’t want to talk about the issues.</p><p>“I’d love to debate him, but he’s afraid to because he can’t defend his record and he has no vision for the future," Bevin said. "He can’t run on anything he’s done in the past. To me, there’s issues that matter.”</p><p>Calls to McConnell’s staff for comment were not immediately returned.</p><p>Bevin attended the Calloway County GOP’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner this weekend, but, unlike McConnell, was not invited to speak.</p><p>According to a Public Opinion Strategies poll released last week, McConnell leads Bevin 61 to 23 percent among likely Republican primary voters. Tue, 18 Mar 2014 14:06:13 +0000 John Null 45249 at http://wkyufm.org Bevin Says McConnell Refuses to Debate Him At Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Bowling Green, Republicans Claim No Worries Over Senate Primary http://wkyufm.org/post/lincoln-reagan-day-dinner-bowling-green-republicans-claim-no-worries-over-senate-primary <p>If Kentucky Republicans are sweating their party's U.S. Senate primary, they didn't show it Saturday night in Bowling Green.</p><p>At the 2014 Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner, southern Kentucky Republicans rallied behind U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is facing a primary challenge by Tea Party activist Matt Bevin.</p><p>Second District Congressman Brett Guthrie told WKU Public Radio he believes the GOP will be able to unite before the November general election. The Warren County Republican said it’s not the first time a well-known incumbent has faced a primary.</p><p>“Hopefully what you can do is that people can come back together," Guthrie said. "And that’s what you hope will happen—people will air out their views. You know, primaries can be tricky, there’s absolutely no doubt about it, because somebody’s going to win, and somebody’s not going to win.”</p><p>Senator McConnell took the stage Saturday night and told the audience that he believes he’ll return to Washington next year as Senate Majority Leader. Republicans need to pick up six Senate seats to control the chamber. Sun, 02 Mar 2014 03:32:45 +0000 Kevin Willis 44511 at http://wkyufm.org At Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Bowling Green, Republicans Claim No Worries Over Senate Primary Clinton: Grimes Differs From McConnell Because She Cares About Compromise, Middle Class http://wkyufm.org/post/clinton-grimes-differs-mcconnell-because-she-cares-about-compromise-middle-class <p>Former President Bill Clinton visited Louisville Tuesday to stump for Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race.</p><p>Grimes is running against Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in a tight race, which is gaining national media attention. In recent weeks, she has put issues such as raising the minimum wage and closing the gender pay gap at the center of her candidacy.</p><p>Clinton says Grimes is a contrast with McConnell because she cares about rebuilding the middle-class and believes in compromise over gridlock.</p><p>The former President asked his audience if "we should stay with this model of constant conflict, which can generate unlimited amounts of special interest money to keep people stuck in their ideological ruts. Nothing good will happen except the people who are on the receiving end of the benefits may win one more election."</p><p>"But real people don’t win that way,” Clinton said.</p><p>Clinton also endorsed the Grimes campaign jobs plan, especially its ideas to get military veterans back to work.</p><p>The McConnell campaign says Grimes has yet to explain how much the jobs plan would cost and how she would pay for it. Tue, 25 Feb 2014 20:54:18 +0000 Philip Bailey 44320 at http://wkyufm.org Clinton, Longtime Friend to Grimes and Her Family, Will Headline Tuesday Fundraiser in Louisville http://wkyufm.org/post/clinton-longtime-friend-grimes-and-her-family-will-headline-tuesday-fundraiser-louisville <p></p><p>Former President Bill Clinton will be in Kentucky Tuesday to help raise money for a U.S. Senate candidate.</p><p>Clinton will headline a lunchtime fundraiser at a Louisville hotel for Democrat Alison Lundergran Grimes. The cost of admission to the event at the Galt House is a contribution of $100-$5,200.</p><p>The Courier-Journal reports those who give one-thousand-dollars will get access to a rope line. Donors at the $2,600 level will also gain entry into a reception featuring Clinton, and $5,200 gets the donor a special commemorative gift.</p><p>Grimes and Clinton have a history. Grimes’ father, Jerry Lundergan, is a longtime friend of the former President and was Kentucky chairman Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.</p><p>During Bill Clinton’s first inaugural festivities, a 14-year-old Alison Lundergan Grimes <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/in-kentucky-senate-race-bill-clinton-plays-a-starring-role/2014/02/23/8b831f5a-9b15-11e3-ad71-e03637a299c0_story.html" target="_blank">gave the new first couple of bouquet of red roses</a> at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. Mon, 24 Feb 2014 21:55:14 +0000 WKU Public Radio News 44282 at http://wkyufm.org Clinton, Longtime Friend to Grimes and Her Family, Will Headline Tuesday Fundraiser in Louisville