drug abuse http://wkyufm.org en With Rise Of Painkiller Abuse, A Closer Look At Heroin http://wkyufm.org/post/rise-painkiller-abuse-closer-look-heroin Abuse of prescription painkillers is a "<a href="http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/rxbrief/">growing, deadly epidemic</a>," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.<p>On Oct. 24, the Food and Drug Administration recommended putting new <a href="http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/10/24/240569516/fda-seeks-to-tighten-controls-on-hydrocodone-painkillers">restrictions on hydrocodone</a>, sold as Vicodin and other brand names.<p>Dr. Andrew Kolodny believes the restrictions are necessary and will prevent new people from developing addiction. Sat, 02 Nov 2013 21:38:00 +0000 editor 39332 at http://wkyufm.org With Rise Of Painkiller Abuse, A Closer Look At Heroin New Scholarship Aimed at Students Who have Overcome Drug Use http://wkyufm.org/post/new-scholarship-aimed-students-who-have-overcome-drug-use <p>Going to college has just gotten easier for high school seniors who have overcome prescription drug abuse.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Attorney General Jack Conway announced a new scholarship on Monday that's targeted to high school seniors who have been impacted by prescription drug abuse, either as a recovering addict, as the child of an addict or in some other way.</p><p>The initiative is intended to send a clear message to teens impacted by prescription drug abuse that the future can be bright.</p><p>Two $1,500 scholarships will be awarded each year. The first ones will be announced next May.</p><p>The scholarships are named in honor the late Sarah Shay of Morehead and Michael Donta of Ashland, both of whom died as a result of prescription drug abuse. Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:14:13 +0000 Associated Press 37457 at http://wkyufm.org Lawsuit Filed by Kentucky County Against Oxycontin Maker Settled http://wkyufm.org/post/lawsuit-filed-kentucky-county-against-oxycontin-maker-settled <p></p><p>An eastern Kentucky official has announced a settlement in a lawsuit over the drug OxyContin.</p><p>The Appalachian News-Express cited a statement from Pike Judge-Executive Wayne T. Rutherford in reporting that drug maker Purdue Pharma agreed to pay $4 million to settle a lawsuit over abuse of the narcotic.</p><p>Rutherford said he couldn't give further details about the settlement due to terms of the agreement.</p><p>The county initially filed the lawsuit in 2007 and asked for damages the community suffered after the company marketed OxyContin as a safer alternative to other pain medicine.</p><p>The drug became so pervasive in eastern Kentucky, it was dubbed "hillbilly heroin."</p><p>Rutherford indicated in the statement that he was pleased with terms of the settlement.</p><p>"Finally, Pike County Government will have the funds to make a difference in drug addiction," Rutherford said. "We can now establish the Pike County Re-Entry Partnership for people convicted of drug violations. It has taken years to get done. Our attorney, Gary C. Johnson, was passionate and brought this about."</p><p>The goal of the Pike County Re-Entry Partnership would be to rehabilitate people who are addicted to drugs. Fri, 07 Jun 2013 19:38:21 +0000 Associated Press 32195 at http://wkyufm.org Lawsuit Filed by Kentucky County Against Oxycontin Maker Settled Beshear Says Kentucky Seeing Successes in Fighting Pill Abuse http://wkyufm.org/post/beshear-says-kentucky-seeing-successes-fighting-pill-abuse <p>Kentucky has made inroads in its fight against illegal drug abuse, and the momentum against drug pushers has gained steam thanks to a new law aimed at reversing a trend in which the state became a "prescription drug playground," Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday night. Tue, 30 Oct 2012 01:13:28 +0000 Associated Press 21453 at http://wkyufm.org Beshear Says Kentucky Seeing Successes in Fighting Pill Abuse Man Arrested for Getting Painkillers from 28 Dentists http://wkyufm.org/post/man-arrested-getting-painkillers-28-dentists <p>Louisville police have arrested a man who is accused of obtaining prescriptions for painkillers from 28 dentists in just a five month period. The Courier Journal reports that 42 year old Michael A. Osswald of Louisville is charged with 22 counts of attempting to obtain or obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Tue, 16 Oct 2012 17:59:20 +0000 Associated Press & Dan Modlin 20779 at http://wkyufm.org Man Arrested for Getting Painkillers from 28 Dentists