charter schools en Senate Passes Charter Schools Bill, But Fate In House Remains Doubtful <p>A bill that would allow persistently low-achieving public schools to convert to privately-run charter schools has cleared the Kentucky Senate.</p><p>The measure passed the Republican-led chamber by a 22-14 party line vote. It would allow certified teaching staff and parents to petition the school’s principal to hold a vote on whether a privately run charter organization should be in charge of the school.</p><p>Sen. Mike Wilson, a Republican from Bowling Green, sponsored the bill.</p><p>“It’s only allowed in conversions for these low-achieving schools, and schools do remain accountable to the local board, who is, that who is the contract is with, and it’s only for a period of five years,” said Wilson.</p><p>Wilson filed similar legislation last year, only for it die in the Democratic-controlled House.</p><p>Sen. Gerald Neal, a Democrat from Louisville, spoke against the bill on the Senate floor. He took issue with the notion that charter schools are a cure-all for education.<br /> Wed, 26 Mar 2014 22:25:15 +0000 Jonathan Meador 45695 at Senate Passes Charter Schools Bill, But Fate In House Remains Doubtful Charter School Panel Idea Gaining Steam in Tennessee <p>A Tennessee panel that could authorize charter schools to open anywhere in the state is moving forward against the objections of Democrats and a few rural Republicans.</p><p>The proposal would require that charter applicants first ask the local school board for permission to open a publicly funded, privately run school. If the answer is no, they could go to the new independent state panel that would have the final say-so.</p><p>Rep. Curtis Halford is a Republican from west Tennessee, where there are no charter schools at this point. He spoke against the state authorizer in a House committee.</p><p>“Is it just kind of like if you don’t get the answer you want from mom you go to dad?,” asked Halford. Wed, 13 Mar 2013 18:10:45 +0000 Blake Farmer 27881 at Kentucky Senate OKs Charter School Bill <p>Voting along strict party lines, the Kentucky Senate has approved a bill that would allow persistently low-performing public schools to become charter schools.</p><p>Under the legislation,&nbsp;school officials&nbsp;would submit applications to the local board of education to turn a&nbsp;school into a charter,&nbsp;the board of education would decide whether to allow them to become a charter school. A&nbsp;two-thirds majority vote by the school board would decide whether a school would become a charter school.&nbsp;</p><p>"I believe that we need to give everybody a great education here," said state Sen. Mike Wilson, a Republican from Bowling Green, the bill's sponsor.</p><p>"Otherwise, I would not have agreed to serve as the chair of the Senate Education Committee I have a passion for education, to see our kids educated properly." Wed, 06 Mar 2013 12:47:56 +0000 Kentucky Public Radio's Rae Hodge 27486 at Charter School Compromise Under Consideration in Tennessee <p>The Tennessee House will consider creating an entirely new panel for authorizing charter schools at the state level. It’s part of a compromise set to be heard in an education committee Tuesday.</p><p>The original bill is a direct response to the repeated rejection of Great Hearts Academies by Metro Schools last year. It gives the state board of education power to OK charter schools and oversee them.</p><p>But the state board has concerns about possibly taking on the job of managing privately-run, publicly financed schools. Rep. Mark White says he now hopes to create a completely separate board appointed by the governor and speakers of the House and Senate.&nbsp;</p><p>“Now with this panel, this will be something that shows we’re serious about this. We want good charter applications to come to this state, but we’re going to do it right,” said Rep. White. Tue, 05 Mar 2013 12:42:27 +0000 Blake Farmer 27429 at Tennessee Voucher Bill Sponsor Wants to Increase Student Eligibility <p>The state Senator shepherding Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s school voucher bill through the legislature says it doesn’t go nearly far enough. He says he will offer an amendment making many more students eligible to have their private school tuition paid with public money.</p><p>With proposed restrictions limiting vouchers to poor students attending struggling schools, Senator Brian Kelsey says just 3.5 percent of Tennessee students would qualify. And only a fraction of those would take the offer.</p><p>“After we do all this heavy lifting to work on this bill this year, if we end up with only two-thousandths of one percent of students being helped by it, I will be sorely disappointed,” said Sen. Kelsey.</p><p>Kelsey has yet to outline his amendment and says he will discuss it with the governor, who earlier this week said he likes his voucher bill the way it is. Thu, 28 Feb 2013 17:19:04 +0000 Blake Farmer 27187 at Tennessee Voucher Bill Advances, Poll Shows Support for Expanding Medicaid in Volunteer State <p>Tennessee lawmakers raised several reservations but ultimately passed Governor Bill Haslam’s school voucher program in its first test.</p><p>Two members of the House Education Subcommittee voted no, including one Republican. The former school superintendent says he doesn’t believe public money should be diverted to private schools.</p><p>Democrat Joe Pitts of Clarksville voted no after asking if private schools would be forced to still provide a free lunch. Only poor students could qualify for vouchers under the plan.</p><p>“I’m just really concerned that we’re targeting that at-risk population, but we’re really not doing anything else to supply that basic human need, which is food,” said Pitts. Wed, 27 Feb 2013 16:33:39 +0000 Blake Farmer 27113 at Persistently Low-Acheiving Schools Could Become Charters Under Kentucky Senate Bill <p></p><p>Kentucky's persistently low-achieving schools would be able to become charter schools to improve performance and test scores under a bill discussed Tuesday in the state Senate Education Committee.</p><p>The bill adds charters as a fifth option for what the state now calls "priority schools—schools that persistently get low scores. The current options include re-staffing of teachers, firing the principal, giving the school up to outside management or closing the schools.</p><p>Kentucky is one of seven states that doesn't allow for some sort of charter school—public schools that are generally governed independently from local school boards and given flexibility in teaching methods. Past efforts which would have opened charters to schools that weren't persistently low-performing have failed to pass through the General Assembly.</p><p>This legislation, Senate Bill 176, offers a different path, because only those schools who qualify as low-achieving could apply for charter status to their local school board. Tue, 26 Feb 2013 17:10:11 +0000 27057 at Persistently Low-Acheiving Schools Could Become Charters Under Kentucky Senate Bill Effort to Create New Authority for Tennessee Charter Schools Delayed <p>A bill to create an authorizing body for charter schools in Tennessee has been delayed. The sponsor now says he’s listening to critics, who say the legislation unfairly singles out Nashville and Memphis.</p><p>As written, the bill would give charter schools a way to open in Tennessee’s two largest urban areas without asking the school board – officially known as the local education authority or LEA.&nbsp;</p><p>Rep. Mark White is the sponsor and says he could be on-board with a true statewide charter authorizer if local school boards do the initial vetting.</p><p>“If we go back to the LEAs – letting them have first input on this – this will be a statewide application,” said Rep. White. Wed, 20 Feb 2013 15:12:15 +0000 Blake Farmer 26746 at Charter School Bill Introduced in Kentucky House <p></p><p>Charter school legislation has been introduced in the Kentucky House. It would allow a limited number of schools to pilot the concept, and supporters of the bill are hoping the less aggressive approach will appeal to those who have opposed past measures.</p><p>Shelbyville Rep. Brad Montell crafted his bill with help from the Kentucky Charter School Project. The group includes several organizations that have supported charter school legislation the past couple of years.</p><p>Spokesman Joe Burgan says the bill would pilot the charter school concept instead of allowing all schools the option.</p><p>“So instead of wide spread charter schools in Kentucky this would limit them top 75 schools over a five year period. So it’s starting small rather than trying to jump right in and get everything in one bill.” Tue, 08 Jan 2013 19:33:15 +0000 Kentucky Public Radio's Devin Katayama 24584 at Charter School Bill Introduced in Kentucky House Effort Underway to Allow Kentucky Schools to Act Like Charters <p>Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday on Friday previewed an application process for public school districts wanting to operate more like charter schools, freed from a host of laws and regulations to run more&nbsp;independently. Fri, 26 Oct 2012 18:33:49 +0000 Associated Press 21331 at Effort Underway to Allow Kentucky Schools to Act Like Charters