Bill Monrore en Rebuilt Bill Monroe Cabin Opens to the Public <p></p><p>James Monroe has rebuilt a log cabin on the site where his father, bluegrass icon Bill Monroe, once lived and plans to open it to the&nbsp;public.</p><p>Monroe told the Messenger-Inquirer that the Ohio County cabin is complete and will open on Thursday at noon with festivities that include barbeque and bluegrass music by an assortment of&nbsp;performers.</p><p>The two-room cabin is basically a replica of one that belonged to his great uncle, James Pendleton Vandiver, and was made famous in a song by his father called "Uncle Pen." Bill Monroe went to live with his uncle at the age of 16 after his parents&nbsp;died.</p><p>James Monroe said the cabin was the last place his father lived in Kentucky, and he thinks bluegrass fans would be interested in seeing&nbsp;it. Wed, 20 Mar 2013 15:43:04 +0000 Associated Press 28234 at Rebuilt Bill Monroe Cabin Opens to the Public