Kentuckians for Strong Leadership en Pro-McConnell Super PAC Brings In $1.2 Million So Far <p></p><p>A political action committee supporting Kentucky’s senior U.S. Senator has raised $1.2 million since its creation in April.</p><p>Major donors to the pro-Mitch McConnell Super PAC called Kentuckians for Strong Leadership include Donald Trump, who has given $50,000, and deceased mega-donor Bob Perry, who gave $100,000. The information was found in the PAC’s most recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.</p><p>Perry’s donation is listed as having been made June 3, which is almost two months after he died. The PAC’s treasurer told <a href="" target="_blank">the website Politico</a> that the wrong date was recorded due to a clerical error in the filings.</p><p>Kentuckians for Strong Leadership has so far spent nearly $400,000 in media ads supporting McConnell’s 2014 re-election campaign. Thu, 01 Aug 2013 22:28:45 +0000 WKU Public Radio News 34916 at Pro-McConnell Super PAC Brings In $1.2 Million So Far