Kent Keen en Barren County's New Sheriff is No Stranger to the Department <p>When Barren County Judge-Executive Davie Greer began looking for a new sheriff, she didn't have to go far.&nbsp; She choose Kent Keen, who retired from the Glasgow Police Department and joined the sheriff's office a year ago as a school resource officer.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Monday's announcement attracted a standing room- only crowd inside a Barren County circuit courtroom.&nbsp; A full contingent of uniformed officers stood behind him as Keen pledged to run the department by the book.</p><p>"I have three guidelines that I operate off of, and that's the KRS (Kentucky Revised Statues), the Barren County Sheriff's Department policy manual, and the Bible, just to be honest with you," explained Keen. "Some God-given common sense may go a long way, folks."</p><p>Noticeably present at Monday's announcement was Deputy Aaron Bennett, who stood trial in May alongside former Sheriff Chris Eaton. Bennett was also accused of using excessive force on a suspect in 2010 and lying about it to federal investigators.&nbsp; Bennett was acquitted on all charges. He told WKU Public Radio that seeing Keen sworn in felt like the beginning of a new era at the sheriff's office. Tue, 06 Aug 2013 01:03:05 +0000 Lisa Autry 35079 at Barren County's New Sheriff is No Stranger to the Department