Boone County en Key County for Republicans Doesn't Make Senate Primary Endorsement <p>After an hour of debate, the Republican Party of a conservative Kentucky county stopped short of endorsing the Louisville businessman who is challenging incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.</p><p>Boone County is an important county for Bluegrass State Republicans. It sits across the Ohio River from Cincinnati has the fourth-highest number of registered Republicans in the state. That&rsquo;s why Thursday night&rsquo;s meeting of the Boone County GOP brought out both Republican Senate challenger Matt Bevin, and Mitch McConnell&rsquo;s campaign manager, Jesse Benton.</p><p><a href="|text|Home" target="_blank">The Courier-Journal reports</a> that following an hour of discussion, the county party decided not to make an endorsement in the race. Benton told members that it would be a &ldquo;poor mistake&rdquo; for any county party to make a Senate endorsement.</p><p>That led Bevin to tell members that they should vote their &quot;conscience&quot;.</p><p>Boone County GOP chairman Rick Brueggemann said while there is &ldquo;significant dissatisfaction&rdquo; with Senator McConnell&rsquo;s voting record, he didn&rsquo;t think many members were comfortable making a primary endorsement. Fri, 11 Oct 2013 17:55:08 +0000 WKU Public Radio News 38344 at