storms en WKU Storm Chasers Ready To Hit The Road <p>A WKU weather&nbsp;forecasting class is set to begin a 10,000 mile, two week trip later this month, seeking out things most of us run&nbsp;away from. Joe Corcoran&nbsp;speaks with&nbsp;assistant&nbsp;geography and geology professor Dr.&nbsp;Josh Durkee&nbsp;about his storm chasers class.</p> Tue, 08 May 2012 15:57:29 +0000 Joe Corcoran 12048 at WKU Storm Chasers Ready To Hit The Road Power Outages Continue in Aftermath of Storms <p>The Kentucky Public Service Commission says thousands of residents in the state remain without power, following Friday&#39;s outbreak of severe weather. Heading into Sunday morning, an estimated 21 thousand power outages were reported in the Commonwealth.</p><p> Sun, 04 Mar 2012 13:36:25 +0000 Dan Modlin 8513 at