Abdo http://wkyufm.org en Ft. Campbell Soldier Found Guilty in Bomb Plot Against Texas Soldiers http://wkyufm.org/post/ft-campbell-soldier-found-guilty-bomb-plot-against-texas-soldiers <p>A federal jury on Thursday convicted an AWOL Muslim soldier from Fort Campbell of attempting to blow up a Texas restaurant full of Fort Hood troops. The Waco jury convicted Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo of the most serious charge, attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, which could land him in prison for life. Abdo also was convicted of attempted murder of U.S. officers or employees, and four counts of possessing a weapon in furtherance of a federal crime of violence.</p><p> Thu, 24 May 2012 21:19:21 +0000 Associated Press 12978 at http://wkyufm.org