2:05 pm
Tue September 7, 2004

Restoring Voting Rights For Felons

4:29 pm
Thu September 2, 2004

Stanton Mayor Fired by City Council

Stanton, Ky. – The Stanton City Council last night unanimously upheld
charges that Myers Arnett showed up for work under the
influence of alcohol, misappropriated public funds in
city contracts, and sexually harassed city employees.
Council members voted after a special hearing in which
Arnett's friends and city workers described his conduct.

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2:40 pm
Thu September 2, 2004

Company Plans to Build Luxury Suites Near Rupp Arena

Lexington, KY – Kentucky basketball fans with big bank accounts
could soon have a place across the street from
Rupp Arena to host game day celebrations.
Atlanta-based development company gameday
centers wants to build a fifteen story building near
Rupp that includes 500 square foot luxury suites.

A company spokesman says the suites would sell
for about 145 thousand dollars. The company says
such developments have been successful in other
Southeastern Conference cities.

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10:34 am
Thu September 2, 2004

State Fair Attendance Tops Six Hundred Thousand

Louisville, KY – Attendance at this year's Kentucky State Fair was two percent
higher than last year and hit the highest level since 2001.
Attendance at the fair that ended Sunday totaled 637,327.
In 2001, the attendance was 653,950.

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2:54 pm
Wed September 1, 2004

Weekend Traffic Stop Leads To Murder Suspects