Bowling Green, Ky – Moves by the Federal Reserve to calm financial market turmoil have reignited a longstanding debate: how and when should the government intervene in free markets? Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning is one of the leading critics of the Fed's recent bailouts. Kevin Willis reports.

Bowling Green, KY – The two candidates running for Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District will appear Monday night on Kentucky Educational Television in Lexington for a live debate.

Owensboro Democrat David Boswell will face Bowling Green Republican Brett Guthrie. The two are competing to replace retiring Congressman Ron Lewis.

Bowling Green, Ky – General Motors is celebrating its 100th anniversary, but the company is also slowing down production at its Bowling Green assembly plant. About 70 workers are being laid off, and plant manager Paul Graham says it's not clear how long those employees will be out of work. Dan Modlin has our story.

Frankfort, Ky – The latest appeal from Kentucky death row inmate Ronnie Lee Bowling has been rejected by the state supreme court. We get more from Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh.

Bowling Green, Ky – The Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court says one of the biggest challenges facing the judicial system is the number of litigants who represent themselves in court. Chief Justice John Minton says it's a trend being reported throughout Kentucky and the US. He spoke recently at a "Constitution Week" event on the campus of WKU.

Bowling Green, Ky – Most drivers in Kentucky are paying around $4 a gallon for gasoline in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has declared a state of emergency to prevent price gouging at the pumps. That action has restored some calm to the market, according to Roger Boyd of Kentucky AAA. He spoke to our Lisa Autry.

Richmond, KY – Southeast Kentucky's 5th Congressional District was the focus last night when KET conducted its first candidate forum of the fall election season.

Incumbent Republican Hal Rogers refused to participate, but his opponent accepted the invitation. Independent candidate Jim Holbert was quizzed by KET Host Bill Goodman, WEKU's Charles Compton and Russ Cassady of the Appalachian News Express.

Frankfort, Ky – Growing threats to archaeological sites in Kentucky have state lawmakers scrambling to find ways to better protect the state's historic treasures. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has the story.

Bowling Green, Ky – A number of questions are emerging about the future leadership of North Korea. That country is facing a number of economic problems that have caused widespread hunger. Dr. John Petersen of the WKU Department of Political Science says North Korean leadership has invested in military might, while claiming to be under threat by South Korea and the US.

Bowling Green, Ky – Providing support for technological services can be a challenging task for many organizations. At WKU for example, the help desk operation provides support for faculty, staff, and the entire student body. Lori Douglas is the Assistant Director of Network and Computing Support. She spoke to our Dan Modlin.