1:27 pm
Mon April 12, 2004

Three Dead in Mobile Home Fire

Bowling Green, KY – A husband and wife are among three people who died
in an early morning fire inside a mobile home today.
Firefighters were called to the remote scene in Warren
County shortly after seven am, and they worked about
45 minutes to extinguish the blaze.

Kentucky State Police identified the victims as 57 year old
Robert Miller, 55 year old Judy Miller, and
53 year old Billia Faye Coulter. The Millers were
married and Coulter was Judy Miller's sister.

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3:10 pm
Fri April 9, 2004

National Guard Unit Delayed in Departure from Iraq

Nashville, TN – The Army has delayed the departure of a Tennessee
National Guard unit from Iraq. The 1175th Transportation
Company had been scheduled to arrive at Fort Knox,
Kentucky on Monday.

The heavy equipment company is based in Tullahoma,
Tennessee, with a detachment in Brownsville, Tennessee.
The 1175th has been in Kuwait and Iraq for more than a

No new date has been announced for the unit's return to
the United States.

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11:35 am
Thu April 8, 2004

Budget Negotiations At a Standstill

Frankfort, KY – State Budget Negotiators remain at a standstill
today after lawmakers resumed talks aimed at
crafting a spending plan for the state. Neither side
seemed willing to budge from their respective positions
on how to deal with Governor Fletcher's "Tax Modernization"

Democrats in the House want to deal with the spending bill
and the proposed tax code separately. However, Senate
Republicans want any budget talks to include discussion
of the Governor's proposed tax plan.

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9:43 am
Tue April 6, 2004

Budget Conference Committee to Meet in Frankfort

Frankfort, KY – Members of the General Assembly who were assigned
to work out differences between Senate and House
budget bills will meet tomorrow in Frankfort. Committee
members will try to produce a budget that the full
Senate and House can support.

The 2004 legislative session resumes next Monday, but
is scheduled to end the next day. The budget Conference
Committee will meet at ten a.m. Eastern time, Wednesday.
The meeting in the Capitol Annex is open to the public.

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10:24 am
Mon April 5, 2004

Lawmakers Say Deal on Budget Still Likely

Bowling Green, KY – Speaking at a legislative round-table in Bowling Green,
four members of the Kentucky General Assembly
expressed optimism that an agreement on the
state budget is likely. The lawmakers attended a
Chamber of Commerce forum.

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9:02 am
Fri April 2, 2004

Amber Alert Issued/ Baby Found in Kentucky

Bowling Green, KY – The search for a missing baby may have
ended in Bowling Green. The Kentucky State
Police say a baby was found outside and
taken to a medical facility in Bowling Green.

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12:50 pm
Thu April 1, 2004

Former State Agency Official Under Investigation

Frankfort, KY – The Fletcher Administration says the Kentucky
State Police are investigating alleged embezzlement
by a former ranking official. The former official
has been identified as Barbara Nash, who was the
Director of the Division of Administrative Services in the
Office of Financial Institutions.

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4:53 pm
Wed March 31, 2004

Unemployment Rate Unchanged from Previous Month

Frankfort, KY – A report from Frankfort says the Kentucky unemployment
rate in February was 5.3 percent, which is unchanged
from January's figures. The jobless rate was down
eight-tenths of a point from February of 2003.

The report comes from the Kentucky Department for
Employment Services. The report says February of
2004 marked the lowest February jobless rate since

The jobless rate is seasonally adjusted.

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3:37 pm
Tue March 30, 2004

General Assembly Approves Bill for Gun Dealer Zoning

Frankfort, KY – Local zoning restrictions would not apply to federally
licensed gun dealers and manufacturers under
a bill approved by the Kentucky General Assembly.
Under the legislation, gun dealers and gun makers
could operate alongside any other business, and
gun importers would be safe from zoning restrictions.

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12:11 pm
Fri March 26, 2004

Senate Expected to Take Up Budget on Monday

Frankfort, KY – Reports from Frankfort indicate the State Senate probably won't take up the budget
until Monday. The delay means getting a
budget agreement could be a close call this

Monday will mark the 58th day of the current legislative session, which runs
sixty days. The only days left after Monday
are already designated as time for legislators to overturn vetoes of the
Governor. However, the two veto days can
be used to pass bills.

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