Bowling Green, KY – With summer in full swing, many people in the listening area will be hiking, camping, and having fun outdoors. But Doctor Mark Ryan of Louisiana State University says you should be aware of dangerous snakes while outside. Dr. Ryan says there are instances of people releasing their exotic pet snakes into the wild. Dan Modlin has this interview.

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky's Adjutant General is confident sending troops to help secure the US border with Mexico will have no adverse effects on the safety of the Commonwealth. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh reports from Frankfort.

Bowling Green, KY – Tennessee Senator Bill Frist is pushing a bill that would expand funding for embryonic stem cell research. The legislation is controversial, especially with conservative religious groups. Kevin Willis has this story.

Bowling Green, KY – Mexico elects a new President Sunday, July 2nd. WKU Geography and Geology Professor David Keeling and Economics Professor Bill Davis talk about how the election could impact both Mexico and the US. Dan Modlin has this report.

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Senate President David Williams is questioning the re-electability of Governor Ernie Fletcher. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh has this story.

Frankfort, KY – The special session of the Kentucky General Assembly to reduce the tax burden on small businesses is history. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh covered the session and put together this overview.

Bowling Green, KY – The Commissioner of Public Health in Kentucky is urging local governments to pass smoking bans following the release of a report by the US Surgeon General. Kevin Willis has this story.

Bowling Green, KY – US Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky is speaking out against the New York Times over its reporting on a top-secret program that monitors the activities of suspected terrorists. Kevin Willis has this story.

Bowling Green, KY – The mayor of Glasgow is speaking out for the first time since being indicted last week on charges he conspired with two city employees to steal public funds. Lisa Autry has this story.

Frankfort, KY – State employees are now being denied access to Public Radio websites by Governor Fletcher's administration. But Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh says that's not the case for the websites of some commercial radio stations.