4:01 pm
Mon July 19, 2004

Republican Congresswoman Criticizes Bumper Sticker

Louisville, KY – A Republican Congresswoman from Louisville is
criticizing a bumper sticker which associates John Kerry
with Osama Bin Laden. The sticker appeared last week
in the window of a G-O-P office in her district.

Representative Anne Northup, a long-time supporter of
President Bush, says the bumper stickers that read,
"Kerry is Bin Laden's Man, Bush in Mine," are
inappropriate. She says the stickers should not be
distributed by Republican campaigns.

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11:08 am
Mon July 19, 2004

Warren County Joins List of Counties Seeking Disaster Relief

Bowling Green, KY – Warren County has joined the list of Kentucky
Counties filing for disaster relief as a result of
last week's storms and high winds. The county is
filing a 1.2 million dollar request after the storms
left 25 thousand homes without power and downed
numerous trees and power lines.

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4:15 pm
Fri July 16, 2004

Thousands Still Without Electric Power

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2:53 pm
Fri July 16, 2004

Tobacco Buy Out Plan Approved in U-S Senate

Washington, D.C. – The U-S Senate has approved a plan to put new
restrictions on cigarette makers and to pay
tobacco farmers to give up federal quotas. Approval
of the legislative package came late Thursday afternoon.

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1:14 pm
Thu July 15, 2004

Proposals Being Accepted for Two New Ohio River Bridges

Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has started
taking proposals from companies to design two
new bridges that would span the Ohio River. The
1.9 billion dollar project is scheduled to be
completed in 2017. The project plan calls for
building a new downtown Louisville bridge, and
one on the east end.

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11:02 am
Wed July 14, 2004

Repair Crews Struggling to Restore Power

Louisville/Bowling Green – Linemen from Tennessee and Georgia are heading to
Louisville to help restore power after high winds downed
thirteen hundred lines. Officials estimate that more than
115 thousand people were left without power by the
high winds, which uprooted numerous trees across

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4:31 pm
Tue July 13, 2004

State Receives Grant for Election Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Frankfort, KY – The State of Kentucky has received a Federal Election
Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Grant. Secretary
of State Trey Grayson, who is the Chief Election Officer
of the Commonwealth, says the 169 thousand dollar
grant is coming from the Department of Health and
Human Services.

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3:58 pm
Tue July 13, 2004

Jury Rules in Favor of C-S-X Railroad

Louisville, KY – A jury in Louisville has ruled in favor of C-S-X
Railroad in a lawsuit brought by a former employee.
The man had claimed that he suffered brain disease
from exposure to toxic chemicals.

48 year old David Ray Burton alleged he developed
chronic toxic encephalopathy for exposure to harmful
solvents used in the railroad's Louisville yard. The
disease is characterized by short-term memory loss,
depression, anxiety and diminished mental function.

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11:34 am
Mon July 12, 2004

Governor Fletcher Wants to Recruit "Advanced Agriculture" Companies

Frankfort, KY – Governor Fletcher says he intends to recruit or help
launch companies that turn plants into products
such as pharmaceuticals. The Governor calls the
approach "advanced agriculture."

The Governor today appointed an advisory panel for
that purpose. The panel includes leaders from higher
education, government, and industry. Fletcher says
he believes Kentucky has a unique niche in advanced
agriculture, and he points to companies like Large
Scale Biology Incorporated in Owensboro.

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4:33 pm
Fri July 9, 2004

Congressional Candidate Calls for Repeal of Out-Sourcing Tax Breaks

Louisville, KY – Congressional Candidate Nick Clooney is calling
for the repeal of federal tax breaks for companies
that shift jobs overseas.Clooney is running against
Republican Geoff Davis in Kentucky's Fourth
Congressional District.

Clooney, who is a Democrat, says Congress should reward tax
incentives to companies that expand their work
forces in the United States. The Davis campaign says their
candidate supports a tax system that encourages
U-S productivity.

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