John Null

John Null, a native of Benton, KY, is a senior at Murray State University and newswriting intern at WKMS. He is majoring in journalism and minoring in film studies. John's goal is to become a magazine columnist, film critic or screenwriter. Neither a borrower nor a lender-be, John enjoys deductive reasoning, not owning animals and regaling friends with his Tracy Ross impression.

1:41 pm
Wed August 6, 2014

'Right to Farm' Narrowly Approved in Missouri; Could Kentucky Be Next?

Originally published on Wed August 6, 2014 1:41 pm

Missouri voters have narrowly passed an amendment to the state’s constitution instituting a so-called "right to farm" and the chair of the Kentucky House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Small Business says a similar action could be coming in the commonwealth.

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5:45 am
Tue August 5, 2014

Is the Negative Tone of Fancy Farm Political Speaking Appropriate for a Church Fundraiser?

Fr. Darrell Venters conducts mass Friday at Fancy Farm.

Originally published on Mon August 4, 2014 11:19 am

The much-anticipated 134th Fancy Farm Picnic has come and gone, setting an attendance record in the process, according to organizers. But while the caustic stump speeches get national media attention, many forget its original purpose: raising funds for St. Jerome Catholic Church.

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5:15 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

McConnell, Grimes Camps Pledge Support for a More Positive Fancy Farm Picnic

The new stage at Fancy Farm.

Originally published on Tue July 29, 2014 3:59 pm

The Fancy Farm Picnic’s political chair Mark Wilson says Democrats and Republicans offered positive feedback following a conference call to encourage a more civil atmosphere at this year's picnic.

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