Rachel Hopkin

Rachel Hopkin is a BBC-trained radio producer and has worked for broadcast networks around the world.  She has a longstanding interest in American traditional culture and, as a result, undertook an MA in Folk Studies at WKU between 2010 and 2012.  

During that time, she produced a series of pieces about Kentucky's folklife for WKU Public Radio and the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology.

Upon graduating, Rachel received the John D. Minton Award for outstanding graduate student at WKU.  She was also named the outstanding graduate student in Potter College of Arts & Letters. 


4:37 pm
Fri February 11, 2011

Russellville's Charles Neblett: Founding Member of The Freedom Singers

The Freedom Singers

Russellville's Charles Neblett was one of the founding members of The Freedom Singers, a vocal group that became a powerful force in the Civil Rights Movement (fellow member Dr. Bernice Reagon will perform Wednesday, February 16th as part of the WKU Cultural Enhancement Series).

WKU Folk Studies Graduate student Rachel Hopkin visited him to learn more about the group and his long-time involvement in Civil Rights.

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10:39 am
Sun October 17, 2010

Documentary explores lost part of Bowling Green history

The documentary film "Rovers, Wrestlers and Stars" tells the story of a vanished piece of Bowling Green history.

The Quonset Auditorim stage was shared by the likes of Ray Charles, Bill Monroe, Tina Turner and revival preachers in the years following World War II.

Rachel Hopkin, a student in the WKU Folk Studies department, prepared this report.

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