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Morning Edition listeners have another opportunity to take advantage of a matching gift! An anonymous donor from Owensboro has agreed to match the first $1,000 pledged during Thursday’s Morning Edition.

This generous supporter of WKU Public Radio told us he is making his matching gift in honor of “all public broadcasting services.” Here’s the really amazing thing: normally we solicit these matching gifts from individual supporters ahead of our membership campaigns. In this instance, our Owensboro supporter contacted US with his $1,000 matching gift, without even having to be asked.

As our spring fundraising week comes to a close, we need to finish strong. Let’s take advantage of this $1,000 matching gift from our anonymous Daviess County donor. Have your contribution doubled by calling 1-800-599-WKYU, or by giving online.


Two of WKU Public Radio’s most loyal and generous supporters are offering another dollar-for-dollar match during today’s All Things Considered.

Dr. Chuck and Susan Webb of Bowling Green are willing to match the next $1,000 donated to WKU Public Radio. Your gift right now, over the phone or online, will be doubled thanks to Chuck and Susan.

These matching gifts are made by listeners who are willing to go the extra mile in their support of WKU Public Radio. In addition to making membership gifts, these generous listeners have been willing to contribute extra in order to encourage others to give to this station during our spring fundraising week. Let’s not let their generosity go unrewarded!

So take Chuck and Susan Webb up on their offer, and make your pledge to WKU Public Radio by calling 1-800-599-WKYU, or by giving online.

A loyal group of WKU Public Radio supporters has combined efforts to offer a special matching gift opportunity today during Morning Edition. These supporters are offering to match the first $4,100 of gifts this morning in honor of the memory of Dr. Jim Flynn.

Dr. Flynn received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WKU and returned to the school as a faculty member in 1972—where he taught and worked for 40 years.

Dr. Flynn served as Head of the English Department and was interim Head of the Art Department twice, and led numerous Study Abroad classes to England, Ireland, and Italy. He was awarded the University Public Service Award in 1984.

Dr. Flynn passed away in December, and a group of his friends who are also WKU Public Radio supporters has chosen to honor his memory with a matching gift during this week of spring fundraising.

Any contribution you make Wednesday during Morning Edition is being matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to the incredible generosity of this group of anonymous donors.

Please renew your membership gift this morning, or give for the first time, by pledging your support to WKU Public Radio by calling 1-800-599-WKYU, or by giving online.

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WKU Public Radio seeks to keep our audience informed about a wide variety of diverse subjects, through on-air and digital storytelling, and through community engagement.

Updated at 3:38 p.m.:

Brandenburg Bypass is now open in Meade county.  Power lines have been repaired.

Original post:

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reports power lines are down across Brandenburg Bypass in Meade county due to a vehicle crash.  The road is blocked in both directions at the scene. 

A northbound detour for thru traffic is set up via KY 933, Old  933 and KY 448 back onto the Bypass.  Southbound is detouring using the same routes via KY 448, Old 933, KY 933 back onto the Bypass.  Local access is available along the Bypass between detour points.

Utility crews are on scene.  It's not known how long it will take to clear the scene.