Akbar Trial Underway in North Carolina

Fort Bragg, NC – Fifteen Jurors at the Military trial of Sergeant Hasan Akbar
have heard that the accused suffered from mental illness
long before he entered the service. Defense Attorney
Dan Brookhart told the Court-martial jury that Akbar
couldn't have planned a grenade and rifle attack against
his fellow members of the 101st Airborne.

That attack occurred at Camp Pendleton in Kuwait,
in March of 2003. Akbar is charged with two counts
of first degree murder and three counts of attempted
first degree murder in connection with the attack.

Brookhart says his client has suffered from mental illness
for more than fifteen years because of the sexual abuse of
his sister by his stepfather. A military prosecutor told the
jurors the evidence points to a premeditated attack. If convicted,
Akbar could be sentenced to death.