Amnesty Offered to Kentuckians Owing Back Taxes

Oct 1, 2012

Governor Steve Beshear is trying to raise awareness of Kentucky's offer of amnesty to delinquent taxpayers in hopes of filling state coffers with overdue cash. Beshear kicked off the first day of the amnesty offer Monday with a Capitol press conference, saying delinquent taxpayers can pay up without fear of penalties or prosecution.

Lawmakers authorized the amnesty offer earlier this year at the request of Beshear who expects it to reap $61 million for the cash-strapped state that's still feeling the pinch of economic recession.

The money will be used to help balance a two-year, $19 billion budget that requires most state agencies and programs to be cut by 8.4%

Kentucky has a list of nearly 170, 000 people and businesses behind on their tax payments.