Another State Park Employee Calls for Probe

Frankfort, KY – A State employee questioned during an investigation that led to the
firing of a State Park Manager has asked for a probe of her own.
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park employee Augusta Graham
claims Commerce Cabinet attorneys misled her about whether she
needed a lawyer present.

In letters to the Kentucky Attorney General and the Kentucky Personnel
Board, Graham claimed the Cabinet attorneys told her she would be
considered "uncooperative" if she got an attorney. Graham also claims
she was not allowed to leave the building where she was being interviewed
so she could get food. She says she suffers from hypoglycemia.

Cabinet officials put Graham on paid administrative leave last month, and
accused her of interfering in the investigation of State Park Manager
Brian Roy, who was fired last month.

Roy is a Democrat, who claims that his dismissal was politically-motivated.
He is currently appealing his firing by the Fletcher Administration.