Attorney for Convicted Barren County Sheriff Files Motion for Acquittal, New Trial

May 24, 2013

Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton

The attorney for Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton is working to keep his client out of prison.  Guthrie True filed a motion Thursday asking a federal judge to overturn Eaton's two felony convictions or grant him a new trial.  

A federal jury earlier this month found Sheriff Eaton guilty of directing two deputies to make false reports to the FBI about a 2010 arrest.  Suspect Billy Stinnett alleged he was beaten after being placed in handcuffs. 

Two other officers were acquitted on all charges.  Eaton's attorney, Guthrie True, says it's hard to understand the witness tampering convictions for a crime the jury concluded never occurred.

"I think everybody as well as he and I are a little confounded by the jury's verdict, so we're going to sit tight and see what the court does," says True.

Chris Eaton faces up to 20 years in prison on each count.  However, under sentencing guidelines, he is likely to serve one to two years on each count.  Sentencing is scheduled for August 1, but in the meantime, Eaton is back on the job as Barren County sheriff.