Attorney General Encourages Public To Report Any Voter Fraud

May 19, 2014

Credit Creative Commons

Federal and state law enforcement agencies are looking to the general public to report improper electioneering and voter fraud Tuesday as Kentucky voters go to the polls for a primary election.

Attorney General Jack Conway admits the anticipated low voter participation in this primary increases the chances of fraud. 

"In a low turnout with a lot of local elections, that's where you tend to see a lot of the corruption problems.  That's where those of us in law enforcement who are monitoring elections need to be the most vigilant," said Conway.

Conway says his office has a team of investigators who work with both U.S. Attorney's Offices, Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement.  Once a tip comes in, the AG says teams go to the site as soon as possible.   

But, while he still encourages vigilance, Attorney General Jack Conway says election fraud is not the problem it once was. 

"It's less of an issue.  We've had a lot of high profile vote buying and corruption cases that have been prosecuted either of my office or the U.S. Attorney's office, so I think word is getting out that we're looking and trying to make certain that our elections are free and fair," added Conway.         

The state attorney general's office is taking calls at 1-800-328-VOTE. Conway says the election fraud tip line will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. during Tuesday's primary.