Atty Gen Says Budget Cuts Will Hurt Office

Frankfort, KY – Attorney General Greg Stumbo's office reports the Governor's budget proposal may force him to cut Medicaid fraud investigations.
He says the cuts would allow continuation of the state hiring probe and other work. Stumbo says Fletcher's proposed budget cuts would prevent his office from receiving at least a half million dollars in matching federal funds to prosecute Medicaid fraud.
But Fletcher spokesman Brett Hall says Stumbo has the flexibility to get federal grant money and shift cuts elsewhere. Hall accuses Stumbo of using some Medicaid fraud matching money for the hiring investigation.
A legislative sub-committee, meanwhile, is being asked to increase funding for state prosecutors.
Governro Fletcher has budgeted $30.5 million for the prosecutors next year and $31.5 million for 2008. But commonwealth's attorneys want about $37 million for next year and $39 for 2008.
Prosecutors are to receive only a minimal increase for the enxt budget year. But he Department of Public Advocacy that provides legal defense for the indigent would get an additional $6 million.