Base Closings Announced This Week

Fort Campbell, KY – The people living around Fort Campbell may be justified in feeling optimistic.
Fort Campbell is home of the 101st Airborne Division and other units. And, it's one of the bases defense experts believe has a relatively secure future. Lexington Institute defense analyst Loren Thompson says Fort Campbell is about as safe as a base can be.
The military is expected to announce the latest round of base closings this week.
Beyond its expected survival, however, it's possible that additional military assets could be transferred to Fort Campbell as the closure and relaignment process shakes out.
The 4th Brigade was recently added there and expansions are underway to accomodate the newcomers.
Residents around Fort Knox hope there base isn't on the list either.
Radcliff mayor Sheila Enyart says there would probably be an immediate effect should Fort Knox be closed. She predicts that something akin to a "panic or a depression" would set in.
State leaders say they don't think Fort Knox, Fort Campbell or the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond will be affected by the base closures commission.