BBB Issues Warning about Online Car Scams

Jul 21, 2012

The Better Business Bureau is warning area consumers to beware of criminals who are hijacking online car ads.  Some scam artists are offering to sell cars at below-market prices as part of the ploy.

The approach may vary, but the bottom line advice from consumer safety specialists is to never wire money to someone you don’t know.  The Better Business Bureau says unscrupulous individuals have been making up stories about their own bad luck, and why they need to sell a car for a low price. The seller then asks the buyer to move the transaction to another website, offering a buyer protection plan. The purchaser then receives an invoice and is instructed to wire money to an account.

However, if the buyer wires money to the account provided he or she will be out the money and never receive the vehicle they tried to purchase.

The BBB stresses that their best advice is to never wire money to an unknown individual.