Berry Donates Papers to Kentucky Historical Society

Aug 16, 2012

Kentucky author Wendell Berry has donated his papers to the Kentucky Historical Society, saying he wants to honor the late historian Thomas Clark, for whom the Center for Kentucky History is named. The society says the papers include 75 boxes of published and unpublished writings, research materials and incoming correspondence.

They will be available to researchers by Nov. 1.

Two years ago, Berry withdrew papers he had loaned to the University of Kentucky, where he studied and taught writing, and vowed to end any association with the school. His decision came after the university accepted $7 million for a new basketball dormitory from a group of donors organized by a coal company president.

The next year he joined a sit-in at the Kentucky governor's office to protest strip-mining in Appalachia.

He was honored last year at the White House with the National Humanities Medal.