Beshear to Discuss Tax Plan with Kentucky House and Senate Leaders

Feb 2, 2014

Kentucky’s legislative leaders will meet Monday with Governor Steve Beshear who will offer up his plan to reform the state’s tax code. 

Beshear argues a more modern tax system will generate new revenue and make Kentucky more competitive with other states.  Still, he acknowledges lawmakers' reluctance to tackle the issue.

"All of the House members are on the ballot for election, or re-election and half of the Senate.  That is always in the back of their minds obviously and affects sometimes what you can get the legislature to address."

There's been no movement on comprehensive tax reform since a commission chaired by Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson offered recommendations in 2012.  The group suggested raising the cigarette tax, expanding the sales tax, and allowing local governments to levy a sales tax on special projects, among dozens of other recommendations.