Beshear to Tout Kentucky's Health Exchange in Washington

Jun 17, 2014

Governor Steve Beshear travels to Washington Tuesday to share Kentucky’s experience with implementing the Affordable Care Act. 

The two-term Democratic governor will serve as a panelist at a conference sponsored by Enroll America, a non-profit, non-partisan group that works to increase the number of Americans with health care coverage. 

More than 400,000 uninsured Kentuckians have enrolled in Medicaid or a private insurance plan on Kynect, the state’s online health exchange.  Before sign-ups began last October, the state had identified some 600,000 without coverage.

"When we hit 300,000 it just blew our minds and we're going to keep right on going," said Beshear.  "It will take us a year or two or three probably to find everybody around the state that needs this and qualifies for it, but we've had tremendous success so far."

An NBC News-Marist poll taken in May showed more Kentuckians than not had a favorable view of Kynect.  But when asked about Obamacare, more respondents had an unfavorable than favorable view of it.