Better Business Bureau Offers Gift Returning Advice

Dec 25, 2012

As shoppers start to return unwanted Christmas gifts, the Better Business Bureau has some advice on dealing with store policies. The BBB says its important to know a seller’s return policy--- and to remember that returning or exchanging items is a privilege, not a right.

If a product was defective, however, you have every reason  to expect the store to provide a substitute or refund.

The Better Business Bureau says most stores will honor an exchange or credit if the buyer of the gift has made a reasonable mistake, like purchasing a sweater of the wrong size or color. The credit can typically be applied to  any other item at that store.

Some stores charge re-stocking fees, particularly for high priced electronics or furniture, or for items that have been custom ordered. In general, consumer protection specialists say the best approach is to keep receipts and original packaging for items that might need to be returned.

Returning gifts