Billboard about God Drawing Attention in Lexington

Sep 19, 2012

A new billboard in Lexington is creating a stir with its message. "Don't believe in God?" it asks. "Join the club." Then it has a website where people can go for more information.

The Bluegrass Coalition of Reason put up the sign and says the website is a place for non-believers to learn about the Kentucky Freethought Convention on Oct. 6. One of the speakers at the convention, University of Kentucky professor Wes Gervais, says the billboard doesn't attack anyone's beliefs, but allows non-believers a place to converse with like-minded people.

WKYT-TV reports several people have called for the removal of the billboard, but Anchor Baptist Church associate pastor Carl Peters says he thinks that's the wrong approach. Peters says it's an opportunity to reach out with love to the people being targeted by the billboard.