Blanchfield's Medals Being Donated to Ft. Campbell Hospital

Sep 5, 2012

Relatives of Col. Florence A. Blanchfield are traveling to Fort Campbell to donate her remaining medals and awards to the hospital that was named for her 30 years ago. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital says Blanchfield was the seventh chief of the Army Nurse Corps from July 1, 1943, until Sept. 30, 1947, and was known as one of the most influential nurses in military history. Under Blanchfield, the corps reached its all-time peak of 57,000 nurses.

In addition to serving as chief during World War II, Blanchfield was an Army nurse during World War I. The hospital says she was the first woman to hold a permanent commission in the regular Army.

Family members are traveling from West Virginia to make the presentation at the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

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