"Books for Brains" Would Provide Reading Material for Young Kentuckians

Feb 23, 2012

A Christian County lawmaker wants to create a statewide program that would encourage pre-schoolers to develop a love of books. Hopkinsville Representative John Tilley’s bill has cleared the House Education Committee, and is something he calls “Books for Brain”.

The program would provide books on a regular basis to pre-school children who register.

“The bill backs a very basic concept,” said Tilley. “Books are good for children, and kids who read do better in school—in all subjects, for that matter. Even simpler, the concept is one book a month for children ages zero to five."

Tilley’s bill establishes a governing board for the program, and sets up a trust fund to handle gifts, grants, and state appropriations aimed at the effort. A private, non-profit organization would select and mail the books.