Bowling Green City Commission Rejects Resolution to Move Terror Trial

Bowling Green, KY – Mayor Joe Denning cast the deciding vote last night, when the Bowling Green City Commission defeated a resolution asking that the trial of two Iraqi terror suspects be moved. The resolution was sponsored by Commissioner Melinda Hill and was also supported by Commissioner Bruce Wilkerson. Commissioners Bill Waltrip and Slim Nash said they voted against the measure because they felt a legislative body shouldn't tell the judiciary where to hold a trial.

Mayor Denning told WKU Public Radio that he changed his mind after hearing the remarks from Commissioners Waltrip and Nash.

U-S Senator Mitch McConnell has been calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to move the trial to Guantanamo Bay, so the suspects can be tried as enemy combatants.

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi are facing a 23 count federal indictment for their alleged involvement in plans to send machine guns, plastic explosives, cash, and Stinger missiles to a group they believed to be Al Qaeda in Iraq. The two men had been living in Bowling Green, Kentucky before they were arrested in May.