Bowling Green GM Plant Readies for New Model Production

Jun 12, 2012

Production at the Bowling Green General Motors plant will cease for all of July to allow for construction in preparation for the next-generation Corvette.  The plant is making a $131 million investment to build the new C-7.

Plant Manager Dave Tatum says following G-M's bankruptcy, there was no guarantee Bowling Green would produce the new Corvette.

"It was a very stressful time for us as employees and certainly as leaders in the company.  Not only did we not know if we would have a job, we didn't know if we would have a company.  You're not going to be globally competitive to do business with our company and you're not going to get away with just being as good as it once was.  It's got to be greater than ever, and we took on that responsibility here in Bowling Green," says Tatum.

GM is not saying when production will begin, the model year of the new Corvette, or when the C-7 will hit dealer showrooms.  Tours at the Bowling Green plant will end September 14th and no date has been set for them to resume.  That's to keep details secret from the public and competitors until the car is ready for launch.