Bowling Green Human Rights Commission Hosts 'Get on the Bus'

Apr 21, 2014

State Street Baptist Church is located in Bowling Green's historic Shake Rag district.

In honor of National Fair Housing Month, the Bowling Green Human Rights Commission a host a “Get on the Bus” guided tour Tuesday through some of the city’s once-segregated neighborhoods. 

The commission’s executive director Alice Waddell says the tour will provide a lesson on the history of the communities and how they transitioned following segregation. 

Waddell says housing discrimination continues today, though not always based on race.

"We have a lot of immigrants, and we find a lot of them have problems with housing, especially leases and not understanding them, and sometimes they are taken advantage of," explains Waddell.

Tuesday’s guided tour will include stops in Shake Rag and Jonesville, both once-thriving African American communities in downtown Bowling Green.  Shake Rag is now owned by the Medical Center and the Graves-Gilbert Clinic.  Jonesville was acquired by WKU. 

The event will kick off at 12:30 with some remarks at State Street Baptist Church and the bus tour will start at 1:30 p.m.