Bowling Green LifeSkills Employees Plead Guilty to Medicaid Fraud

Feb 22, 2013

Three former employees of LifeSkills in Bowling Green admit they stole from the state Medicaid program. Charges against the trio include Medicaid fraud, forgery, and theft. 

An investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General's Office found the employees submitted false time sheets and service notes for services that were never performed.

"These are taxpayer dollars we're talking about that were entrusted to organizations across Kentucky to help provide services to the developmentally disabled, some of our most vulnerable citizens," said Attorney General's Office Spokeswoman Alison Martin. "So it's important that money is spent appropriately and Attorney General Jack Conway felt that the punishment fits the crime in this case."

Timothy Schwartz, who devised the scheme, pled guilty in Warren Circuit Court this week. He faces up to five years in prison at sentencing next month. His accomplices, Mark and Mandy Huff, were sentenced to home incarceration and ordered to pay restitution.