Bowling Green School District Seeks to Recoup Mounting Legal Fees Related to Non-Resident Agreement

Jul 1, 2014

The Bowling Green Board of Education has approved an increase in non-resident tuition for the coming school year. 

In a special meeting Monday night, the board voted for a $100 increase in tuition from $312 to $412. 

The hike was recommended by Superintendent Joe Tinius as an option to recover district funding spent on legal fees throughout the non-resident dispute with Warren County Schools that has been ongoing for more than a year. 

"Our feeling is that the efforts in that regard are related to the non-resident students attending our district and that at least some of that cost needed to be picked up by non-resident families," Tinius told WKU Public Radio.

According to Tinius, legal fees are approaching $200,000. 

The two school districts are waiting to receive a final ruling from Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday regarding the number of Warren County students allowed to attend city schools in 2014-15 academic year.