Bowling Green Seeking Public Input on Bicycle and Walking Trails Plan

Feb 27, 2017

Credit flickr/Creative Commons/Hakan Dahlstrom

Bowling Green and Warren County planning officials are working on a project to upgrade biking and walking routes and local residents are being asked for input.

Miranda Clements is the Greenways Multimodal Coordinator for the Metropolitan Planning Commission. She said the commission has hired the Nashville firm of RPM Transportation Consultants to help design the improvements.

“Basically, what they are wanting to do is, look at our facilities and what we have and try and understand what the needs are and then identify different opportunities to improve the biking and walking in the community.”

The consultants will use suggestions from residents in developing the plan.

Clements said in addition to providing opportunities for healthy recreation, safe pedestrian and bicycle trails are important for attracting new business and keeping a talented workforce.

“In fact there have been a lot of studies on that. It all ties into the quality of life of the community. You know, the higher the quality of life and higher the levels of walkability, the better it is for economic development.”

Residents have until the end of April to offer suggestions.  The public survey is posted  at