Bowling Green, Warren County School Districts at Odds over Student Transfers

Jan 14, 2014

A dispute between the Bowling Green city and Warren County school systems is headed for mediation.  The two school systems are at odds over a non-resident student agreement for next school year and beyond. 

The county last year lowered the number of students by 86 who could transfer to city schools.  The state wouldn't reimburse the city school system for students over that number, although they could still attend city schools by paying tuition.

On Monday night, the Warren County School Board rejected an agreement presented by the city school system that would have cut the number of transferring students by four each year for ten years.  The county wanted to cut non-resident students by 50 each year for a decade. 

Paducah attorney Rick Walters will mediate discussion between the two sides on February 8th.   Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday has given the school systems until April 1st to reach an agreement.