Boyle County Jail Fire Investigated

Danville, KY – Danville police are investigating a fire at the Boyle County jail.
The fire started Monday afternoon when police say inmates lit paper towels ands tissue on fire. They say they're investigating it as an arson.
Police say the fire was the result of three days of confrontations between 13 inmates in maximum security and guards. The incidents started with inmates stuffing bed linens in the toilets last Friday. Police say the inmates then put newspapers over the windows to their dormitory-style cell to block the guards' view.
The inmates were punished with the loss of phone and television privileges.
Corrections officers noticed the fire when smoke filtered out beneath the cell door and they quickly put it out with an extinguisher.
Police say three inmates were treated at the jail for smoke inhalation and three others were taken to Ephraim-McDowell Regional Medical Center.
The cell sustained some smoke damage including soot on the walls.