Bredesen Wants To Study Tenncare Offer

Nashville, TN – Tennessee Governor Bredesen says its time to link arms and work together on Tenncare.
The Governor said he needs a clear understanding he'll be able to reform Tenncare without legal obstacles.
He was reacting to an announcement earlier from Tenncare advocates who said they're asking a judge to allow a two year moratorium from court orders in an effort to save the program
Bredesen said the overtures by the advocates have a lot of details that still need to be clarified. But he said he doesn't think there's any trickery involved.
Bredesen stressed he would go to almost any length to make Tenncare work.
The Governor announced last week he's dismantling the health care plan because of its spiraling cost. He blamed a series of court settlements brought on by Tenncare advocates.
That could leave 430,000 people without health care coverage. There are 1.3 million Tennesseans on Tenncare.