Budget Cuts will end Dental Screenings for Pre-Schoolers

Frankfort, KY – A number of Kentucky's neediest three and four year old
children will not receive dental screenings or access to
other social services next year. Education officials in
Frankfort say that's because funding for the state's
pre-school program is not keeping pace with enrollment.

The State Board of Education is lowering its per-pupil funding,
even as the number of participants for the state-mandated
program increases. Its a cut of nearly 190 dollars for typical
students, and a cut of as much as 358 dollars for students
with disabilities.

The state reduction in funding comes after districts have
already trimmed supplies, field trips and other services
this year. That was in response to Governor Fletcher's order
that the pre-school program be cut by one and a half
million dollars..... to help balance the state budget.