Cabinet for Health and Family Services Urges Kentuckians to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Dec 21, 2012

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services is reminding parents to "keep their cool" during the upcoming Christmas holiday period. The agency says when children are home from school and families are facing tight schedules for travel and gatherings with relatives, stress levels can increase and put some children at risk for abuse.

Jim Grace, the Assistant Director of the Division and Permancy, says its "never ok to hit a child." He says its important for parents to help teach children how to communicate, by talking about things that might be bothering them.

The Cabinet also warns that drug and alcohol abuse may increase during the holidays, leading to increased risks of abuse for some children. Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky offers a toll free hotline for information and referrals to help prevent child abuse. That number is 800 CHILDREN.