Campaign Aims to Move Kentucky Students Through College Faster

Jan 8, 2014

Education Advocates are asking Kentucky college students to work harder and graduate within four years.  It's a tradition few students now follow.

The statewide campaign '15 to Finish' urges full time college students to take at least 15 hours of credit each semester.  The effort is a sponsored by the state’s colleges and universities and the Council on Postsecondary Education. 

“Time is money when it comes to on time graduation," says CPE President Bob King.  "Students by graduating on time can avoid the cost of extra semesters, incur less debt, and can get out into the workforce sooner to begin earning higher incomes."

Part of the effort's success will likely depend on the people who advise students.  Betty Hampton directs Teacher Certification Student Services at the University of Louisville.  She says delays can kill a student's dreams of a college degree.

“Life gets in the way and they never return to finish their degree or I see them 20 years later trying to finish that dream when it’s very complicated and they have families and mortgages and many other things that they need to take care of,” adds Hampton.

The Council on Postsecondary Education data show three quarters of full-time college students fall behind within two years. 

Announcements pushing students into taking a full load of classes will run on radio and television throughout the spring.  Kentucky campuses will also launch their own marketing efforts.