Cave City Voters to Decide Alcohol Expansion

Jul 21, 2014

Credit Creative Commons

In south central Kentucky, some Cave City voters will head to the polls tomorrow for an up or down vote on alcohol sales.  Voters will decide whether to approve package liquor sales. 

A strong supporter is Sharon Tabor, executive director of the Cave City Convention and Visitors Bureau.  She says when tourists are in town, Cave City loses business to Bowling Green.

"People will go south to Bowling Green," she adds.  "They will eat at restaurants and stay at hotels in Bowling Green, drive back to Cave City to enjoy Mammoth Cave or Dinosaur World, and then they go back to Bowling Green."

Tabor thinks Cave City is also losing out when it comes to economic development.  By voting to go “wet,” package stores could locate in the area. 

Cave City has been "moist" since 2006, meaning some restaurants can sell liquor by the drink if they meet certain state law requirements.