Census Figures Outline Child Poverty

Frankfort, KY – The newest U.S. census figures show Kentucky is the sixth worst state for child poverty.
The survey results indicate about one child in four lived in poverty in 2003. Higher rates were in the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and West Virginia.
The government's report shows an increase in child poverty in each year since the 2000 census. the estimated poverty rate for the entire state was 17.4% in 2003.
Kentucky youth advocates say the rising poverty rate correlated with a general decline in the state's economy. The survey indicates that 102,000 to 126,000 Kentucky families with children under the age of 18 lived in poverty in 2003.
The federal poverty threshold varies according to the size of household. For a family of four the threshold is $18,810. For two people it's $12,015.