Centre College is Center of Political Universe as VP Debate Host

Jan 15, 2013

This audio compilation is WKYU-FM's entry in the category of Best Continuing Coverage for the 2013 Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters competition for radio.

Our entry features reports by Lisa Autry leading up to and following the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

You'll hear Lisa's preview of Centre College, and how the small liberal arts school has landed two coveted Vice Presidential debates in 12 years. Lisa's story takes you to the bucolic community of Danville and the Centre College campus, where some of the individuals responsible for helping land the second VP debate explain what makes the school an attractive choice.

You'll also hear Lisa's report from "spin alley" following the debate. Lisa's story takes you inside the circus of pundits, politicians, and journalists who work to shape the messages that came from the debate.

As an NPR affiliate station, we have access to NPR's national political reporting. Lisa's reports were written and produced in a way that would compliment--and not overlap-- the national political reporting we would have on during shows like Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

We hope you enjoy listening to this entry! Thank you for your time and consideration.