Ceremony Scheduled to Honor President Taylor

Nov 18, 2012

A ceremony will be held in Louisville Tuesday, to honor U.S. President Zachary Taylor,who grew up in the city and served as the nation’s 12th President. Its part of a national program to recognize  former U.S. Presidents with wreaths placed at their grave sites on the anniversaries of their birth.

The Army is tasked with the responsibility of the ceremony, using a wreath provided by the White House. Soldiers from Fort Knox will be participating in the ceremony , which will be hosted by Major General David Puster, commander of the 84th Training Command at Fort Knox.

Zachary Taylor grew up in Louisville and joined the Army in 1808. He was sworn-in as President in 1849.Tuesday’s event will be held at eleven am and the Zachary Taylor National Cemetary, and is open to the public

12th U.S. President Zachary Taylor
Credit The White House